sliced spicy pork tenderloin and sriracha sauce bottle

Smoked Honey Sriracha Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Sweet and spicy mix in this recipe for simple, but bold flavors. If you like it hot, check out Spicy Boar Pepperoni, Spicy Caveman Clubs, Cajun Shrimp with Spicy Ranch or Spicy Smoked Pulled Turkey Legs.


1 Pork tenderloin

2 Tbsp sriracha hot sauce

1 ½ Tbsp honey

½ Tsp salt

Bradley Flavour Bisquettes – Hickory, Apple or Cherry


In a bowl mix together the sriracha sauce, honey and salt. Spread all over the pork tenderloin so that it is evenly coated.

Set the smoker to 275°F using wood bisquettes of choice (hickory, apple or cherry work great).

Smoke the pork until it reaches an internal temperature of 155°F, approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours.

Slice the tenderloin into medallions and serve immediately.

By Steve Cylka


Apple Bisquettes for Bradley Smokers

A light, fruity and slightly sweet smoke aroma that pairs with poultry, beef, pork, lamb, and cheese.

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