Smoked Back Bacon and Brine Recipe

Smoked Back Bacon and Brine Recipe

To prepare this Smoked Back Bacon and Brine Recipe you may use a whole loin. Whatever a whole loin weighs. When using a brine, it should weigh 50% as much as the meat being cured.

One gallon of water weighs 8 lb, so the brine will cure up to 16 lb of meat.


1 Gallon distilled water

2½ Tea cure #1

1 Cup Morton coarse kosher salt

4 Bay leafs crushed

1 Cup dark brown sugar

1 Tab granulated garlic

1 Rounded tab whole allspice

1 Rounded tab whole juniper berries

1 Rounded tab whole black peppercorns

3 Tab cajun spice

¼ Cup pure honey

¼ Cup Jack Daniels


Dump all the spices but the cure and honey in a 3 quart sauce pan and add 2 qt of the above water.

Bring to a boil, turn down heat and simmer 20 min. This really brings out the flavors.

Allow to cool, then pour in your brining bucket and add the rest of the water.

Stir well and place in the fridge till the brine is 40ºF.

Add the cure and honey.

Now put in your back straps and hold down with a plate.

Allow to cure for 1 week.

Rinse well, place on a rack over a rimmed pan and place in the fridge uncovered overnight.

When ready to smoke, let the meat come to room temp and heat the smoker to 225ºF.

Smoke for 3 hours and remove when the IT hits 145ºF.

Allow to cool at room temp, wrap in plastic and place in the fridge for 48 hours to let the flavors marry.

Slice and enjoy.