Smoked American Hot Dog Recipe

Smoked American Hot Dog Recipe

This is a genuine Smoked American Hot Dog Recipe. It’s easy to prepare and also a way to get used to poaching Sausage.

During the poaching and ice bath process, liquid will form between the sausage and the casing. Don’t fret about it. After the hot dogs cool in the ice bath, clip to separate and the hotdog should slide right out. We will know that you did it right when you comment about the end product in your hand!

And yes, you’ve read the instructions all right. The hotdog will come out of the casing.


1 Lb porkbutt

1 Lb GB (I used 80/20)

1 Tsp ground coriander

1 Tsp sweet paprika

½ Tsp ground mustard

¼ Tsp ground mace

¼ Tsp ground marjoram

½ Tsp granulated onion

¼ Tsp granulated garlic

1½ Tsp sugar

1 Tbsp salt (fine sea salt)

1 Tsp ground white pepper

1 Egg white

¼ Milk (skim)


Grind the meat 3 times through 3/16″ plate.

Put in the freezer 30 min between each grind then add the seasonings.

Mix well then in the freezer again for 30 min and grind again.

Or Emulsify in Food Processor.

Stuff into 28-30 mm Collagen Casings.

Tie off in 6 inch links with string.

I poached these, so I added 1 Tbl liquid smoke.

Poach in 160-165 degree water until IT of 152. Then cool in ice bath to 100 degrees.