Pork Brisket Burnt Ends Recipe

Pork Brisket Burnt Ends Recipe

Traditional burnt ends are usually made after smoking a whole pork brisket and then separating the two sections, the flat and the point. The point section is then cubed and cooked even further into burnt ends. The end result is an extremely delicious barbecue delicacy that is wildly popular. However, not many take the time or investment needed to make the most delicious pork brisket burnt ends! Well, you’re in luck today because we’ll show you how to make the best of the best ends!


1 6-8 Lb brisket point (trimmed)

Cup Tony’s Smokin’ Again Smoke ‘Que Up Rub & Seasoning

1 Cup your favorite BBQ sauce (I use FreddyFoxx Cue Voodoo Sauce)

A Bradley Smoker


Set the smoker to 225°F, using Bradley Smoker Bisquettes of choice. (I like using the Jim Beam Bourbon Bisquettes)

Rub the brisket with Tony’s Smokin’ Again Smoke ‘Que Up and coat it entirely all around. (Save whatever rub you don’t use for later)

Place the brisket on the smoker and smoke until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. (This should take about 6-10 hours)

When the internal temperature reaches 165°F, wrap tightly in peach butcher paper (or foil if you don’t have butcher paper) and smoke until the internal temperature reaches 205°F. (This will take another 2-3 hours)

Remove the brisket and unwrap, being sure to catch the juices into an 8×8 aluminum baking pan. Cut the brisket into 1″ cubes.

Place the cubed brisket into the aluminum pan and toss it with your BBQ sauce. Sprinkle a little more Tony’s Smokin’ Again Smoke ‘Que Up on top. (Be sure to work quickly to prevent the brisket from cooling too much) Wrap tightly with aluminum foil and place back in the smoker for 1 hour.

Uncover and stir, then smoke again for another hour or until the juices are caramelized. Remove from the smoker and enjoy it!