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Smoked Herbed Pork Sausages

Whether you simply cook them up on the grill, or add them to a hearty stew, these links are a step up from store-bought sausages. Try making these savory homemade sausages for comfort food that’s full of flavour!


2 lbs pork butt

½ cup minced onion

3 cloves garlic, minced

3 tbsp fresh parsley, minced

1 tbsp fresh rosemary, minced

½ tsp cayenne

2 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

Hog casing

Bradley Smoker Hickory bisquettes


Grind pork butt finely.

Mix ground pork with spices, onion and garlic.

Soak hog casing for 30 minutes, drain and then flush with fresh water.

Stuff sausage meat into the natural hog casing.

Twist into links.

Sterilize a sewing needle or pin in boiling water and prick any air pockets in the sausage.

Pat sausage dry with a clean kitchen towel or leave hanging in a cool, dry place for an hour.

Smoke with Hickory Bisquettes (or your choice of flavour) between 140-160°F, until an internal temperature of 160°F is reached.

Place it in an ice bath immediately after removing it from the smoker.


Hickory Bisquettes for Bradley Smokers

The strong and sweet flavour of Hickory Bisquettes make it one of the more popular woods for smoking, and especially pairs well with poultry, beef, pork, game, water fowl, nuts, and cheese.

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