Grilled Orange Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Grilled Orange Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Learn how to make juicy grilled orange pork tenderloin and pair this easy recipe with some tasty sauce.


2 Pork tenderloin - trimmed and cleaned

For the Brine:

2 Cups water

3 Tbsp sea salt

¼ Cup brown sugar

3 Bay Beaf

1 Tsp peppercorns

6-7 Sprigs of thyme

4 Sage leaves

2 Mandarin (zested & juiced)

For the Sauce Mop:

1 Mandarin (zested & juiced)

2 Garlic cloves - minced

½ Tsp chili flakes

1 Tbsp honey

1 Tsp brown sugar

Pepper to taste


In a small pot, bring together brine ingredients and dissolve all the salt and sugar. Remove from the heat, and add ice cubes to cool the mixture. In a baking dish or bag, add in the pork tenderloins and the brine, along with enough water to fully submerge the pork. Cover and let chill in the fridge for 24 hours.

Pull the pork from the brine, pat dry, and allow to come back to room temp. Meanwhile, combine sauce ingredients in a bowl and set aside. DON’T add any salt to this, the brine has already added the salt to the pork. That will be enough!

Over a medium grill cook your tenderloin till 145-150ºF (63.8ºC-65.5ºC). In the last 2 min of the cook, brush the pork with the sauce. Let it caramelize a bit on the hot grill. Remove from the heat, and place the pork on a cutting board and cover it with foil. Let it rest for 5 min. Slice and serve with some of the sauce drizzled over it!

    Recipe by: Cory Walby - Saturday night test kitchen