Atomic Buffalo Treat - Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe

Smoked Atomic Buffalo Treat – Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe

These little treats will satisfy almost anyone and bring most back begging for more. The prep time is where the real work is, but worth every minute. I like to use left over brisket and Boston butt but you can substitute cocktail wennies, cooked shrimp, left over rib meat, smoked chicken or just about anything you can think of.


6 Medium to large jalapenos (straighter the better)

0.5 L (18 oz) block cream cheese softened

1 Pack uncooked thin sliced bacon

110 G (¼ lb) cooked meat

0.5 Oz (1 tbsp) of you favorite rub



Preheat Bradley smoker to high.

Remove stem from peppers and slice each pepper length-ways.

Clean out all seeds and white membrane. I highly recommend wearing some type of gloves during this process. The pepper juice can cause adverse side effects. Set peppers aside.

Take the cooked meat product and place it in a food processor along with ½ of the rub. Chop until meat is ground and mixed but not by any means a paste.

Fill each pepper half with meat. Set aside.

Take softened cream cheese and pinch off a piece about the size of the pepper.

Mold the cream cheese to form the opposite side of the pepper on top of the meat. Repeat for all peppers. Due to the complete mess this will make, you may use a pastry bag with an open tip, or a plastic bag with a corner cut out to squeeze out the cream cheese onto the peppers.

When all peppers are complete, sprinkle the remaining rub over the top of the cream cheese.

Take one piece of raw bacon and completely wrap the pepper with the bacon.

Using thin bacon is important because it will stretch to cover the pepper best.

Use a toothpick to secure the bacon.

Once all peppers are ready, move them to a Bradley rack and place them in the preheated smoker on the second rack down. Apply your favorite smoke (special blend bisquettes) until the bacon is fully cooked and the peppers are soft. This usually takes 1.5-2.5 hours depending if you are cooking other food items.

I like to cook them on high, if possible, so the bacon will be crisper. Remove when done and serve hot.