Smoked High Roller Recipe

Smoked High Roller Recipe

My wife sometimes says my “too much” gene is flaring up. Sometimes, she’s right. Less is more. But sometimes, on rare occasions, “too much” is never enough. And baby, this is it. This stuffed chicken has just about anything and everything one could imagine. This chicken has the perfect blend of sweet honey barbeque, cream cheese and the tangy flavors of the peppers and spinach. Sure, this recipe seems like a lot; and it is. But in the best way possible. If you’re looking for way too much, give this a whirl.


1 Lg boneless chicken breast

½ Block cream cheese

4 Mini sweet peppers

1 Cup spinach leaves

3 Pieces mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto

Peach jalapeno rib glaze (Kos’Mos BBQ)

Honey killer bee dry rub (Kos’Mos BBQ)

2 Tbsp butter

Equipment Used:

P10 Bradley Smoker

Bradley Smoker foldable table

Bradley smoker non-stick silicone mats

Bradley Smoker tools

Thermoworks timestick trio

Thermoworks thermapen one

Bradley Smoker Setting:

Cook Time: 120 Minutes

Temp: 226ºF (107.8°C)

Wood: Beer

Smoke Time: 120 Minutes


Set Bradley Smoker to the listed settings above.

Chop the sweet peppers, and spinach leaves into small pieces (small enough to stuff the chicken breast with).

Cut the cream cheese into long strips and set aside.

Carefully cut into the chicken breast making a pocket where the stuffing will take place.

Stuff the chicken with the sweet peppers, spinach leaves, cream cheese, mozzarella wrapped prosciutto, and cover in seasoning.

Place into the Bradley Smoker for 2 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 165ºF (73.9°C). Remove from the smoker and place the chicken into an iron skillet. Pour cup Jalapeno Peach Glaze onto the meat and add 2 tbsp butter to the skillet for flavor. Place back into the smoker for another 5 minutes.

Slice up and enjoy!

Recipe by: Bryan Edwards – Moodie Foodie Tulsa – Moodie Foodie Tulsa