Deep Fried Smoked Turkey Recipe

Deep Fried Smoked Turkey Recipe

The deep frying process seals in the juices of the turkey, but the added flavor from the Apple flavour bisquettes in the Bradley Smoker will amaze you…Serve with traditional turkey feast fixings of gravy and mashed potatoes, along with root vegetables and salad, or try a different turkey menu that includes coleslaw and French fries. A boneless turkey breast or whole chicken can be substituted. Try hickory flavor bisquettes for another flavour sensation!


1 whole wild turkey (wild optional)

Lots of oil as per manufacturer of the deep fryer


There are many options to cooking a turkey this way.

Marinating the bird for 24 hours prior to cooking it is one option. Use a sugar/salt cure in a 50/50 ratio, and thoroughly cover turkey and store in refrigerator.

After 24 hours rinse and pat dry.

Smoking Method

Cold smoke the turkey for 4 hours prior to cooking it in your deep fryer.

Using Apple flavour bisquettes, place the turkey in the Bradley Smoker and cold smoke at 40°C (100°F), turning occasionally.

Following the directions of the manufacturer, deep fry according to the weight of the bird.

Try using peanut oil for extra flavour.