Teriyaki Burnt Ends

Teriyaki Burnt Ends

Here’s how you can get the classic teriyaki flavor while saving some pocket change and some time spent at the smoker! Trust us, you won’t be the same after a bite of this!


Chuck roast

Teriyaki sauce



Garlic powder

Green onions

Sesame seeds


Maple Wood Bisquettes


Cube up your chuck roast and season it with salt, pepper, and garlic.

Put the beef into your smoker, and smoke it at 220°F or 105°C for about 2 hours. Optional: You can smoke it with maple bisquettes for additional smoke flavor.

After 2 hours, place the meat in a foil pan and mix in a generous amount of teriyaki sauce.

Place the foil pan back in the smoker for an additional 2 hours at 270°F or 135°C.

Let it rest for an additional 10 minutes before garnishing it with green onions and sesame seeds.

Recipe by: Miguel’s Cooking With Fire


Maple Bisquettes for Bradley Smokers

With a mildly smoky, sweet and subtle flavour, Maple Bisquettes are perfect for smoking turkeys, and enhancing the taste of poultry and game birds.

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