Smoking & BBQ for July 4th!

Smoking & BBQ for July 4th!

Posted on: January 12, 2023

Americans usually do not need a reason to BBQ, but if it was necessary, July 4th is probably as good a reason as any!

Americans usually do not need a reason to BBQ, but if it was necessary, July 4th is probably as good a reason as any!

In backyards and campsites all over the USA, people will be celebrating their independence and, in most of those celebrations, BBQ will be a big part of it. Grilling, smoking, eating, drinking, fireworks and simply having a great time, are all part of most July 4th events.

Cooking for a Crowd? Bradley Smoker Can Take Care of it

If you are hosting a party this Independence Day, consider using the Bradley Smoker. Bradley is a great way to smoke the food and it can cook for a crowd. Whether it is ribs, brisket, chicken or salmon, the Bradley Smoker can smoke a lot and do it easily.

One of the great benefits of using the Bradley Smoker for a big BBQ is that, once the food is prepped and thrown in the smoker, it can be left there and Bradley will take care of the rest. You can sit down with your friends on the patio, knowing that the food is cooking and everything is under control!

Ideas to Make your July 4th Event Memorable

Looking for an appetizer? Try these Savory Stuffed Meatballs. These are smoky bite size deliciousness! While almost any smoked meatball is amazing, these are filled with gooey cheddar cheese. Your guests will love them and they are perfect to hold everyone over until the main meal is ready.

Whole Smoked Chicken

There are so many options as the main meat for your July 4th BBQ. Chicken is a great option and the Bradley Smoker does an excellent job smoking chicken. Whether you have a 4 rack or 6 rack smoker, you can smoke a number of whole chickens at the same time, which is an ideal way to feed a crowd!

What Can Be Better than Pork Ribs?

St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs

Ooooohhhh ribs! Pork ribs might just be the most common item served at BBQs all over the country. Depending on your region, there are many different ways to prepare and cook ribs.

Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, the Carolinas and others, all have different methods of smoking ribs. And frankly, they are all great! Adding ribs to your July 4th BBQ menu is definitely a great idea.

Have you Ever Thought of This?

Smoked Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is such a staple for any summer BBQ. This recipe puts a nice spin on corn and is a great option, if you have a rack free in the Bradley. Wrapping the corn on the cob with bacon adds a wonderful flavour and will certainly become the one thing everyone at the BBQ will talk about afterwards. Yes, it is that tasty!

Jim Beam Smoked Black Beans

Baked beans are a common side dish for any BBQ and July 4th is no exception. Here is a unique take on baked beans. Instead of using navy beans, this recipe calls for black beans. There is also some corn, and adding some depth of flavour is some Jim Beam bourbon. Yep – I said there is Jim Beam in this recipe!

These are just a handful of ideas for your July 4th BBQ. There are plenty more on the website, so feel free to look around to find some smoking ideas that will surely help make your party memorable.

Happy Independence everyone!!