Cleaning up the food and electric smoker.

How to Use an Electric Smoker (And Make Sure You’re Using It Correctly!)

Posted on: March 10, 2022
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Technology has really changed how we do and view things. Just a few years back, sharing food recipes was mainly by word of mouth or reading cooking magazines, and you had to wait for a month before they released a new copy. However, that has all changed, and with countless blogs, you can easily get your hands on anything. Advancements in technology have also given life to advanced cooking appliances.

Over the years, we have seen new cooking techniques come up with some evolving to fit the current consumer market. For instance, smoking has developed from just a food preservation method to one of the most popular cooking techniques. This has brought forth various types of food smokers, including electric smokers.

What are electric smokers?

These are outdoor/indoor cooking devices that smoke food using electricity as the heating source, making the whole process fast and easy. We’ll look at how to correctly use an electric food smoker for the best cooking experiences.

Meat getting smoked in electric smoker

Using an electric food smoker

Unlike other smokers, electric smokers use electricity as their main heat source. This makes them environmentally friendly and easy to use as you do not have to keep watch constantly.

To better understand how to use an electric food smoker, we’ll first look at its main features.

For instance, the Bradley Smoker dispenses pucks of aromatic woods referred to as Bisquettes. These Bradley Bisquettes produce consistent, pure smoke and are available in 16 different flavors, including hickory, pecan, apple, and maple.

  • Water pan – The water pan is located just above the wood chip tray and is usually filled with cold water during smoking. As the smoker heats, the water will then turn to steam, which aids in convection cooking.
  • Smoker racks – This is where you place your meat. Racks can also be used to hold cast iron skillets where your food can roast.
  • Vents and dampers – They allow excess heat to escape and ensure efficient airflow during the smoking process.
Smoked meat ready for meal

Setting up your food smoker

Steps to follow:

  1. Seasoning your electric smoker – This is where you power on the electric smoker while still empty, and it runs for some time.

One of the main reasons for doing this is to help remove dust and other particles on the cooking racks or stainless steel housing that may have accumulated during manufacturing.

How to go about it:

First, power on your smoker to a temperature of between 250–275 °F (121–135 °C) and let it run for three hours. After that, turn the smoker off, open the door, and let it cool. This process is mainly done when the food smoker is new.

  1. Setting the desired temperature and time.

Set your smoker to the preferred smoking temperature depending on what you want to smoke and your preferences. For instance, if it’s beef, preheat your food smoker to a temperature of 225 °F (107 °C).

  1. Place a container full of water in the smoking chamber.

This helps keep the meat moist during smoking as the water evaporates.

  1. Give yourself enough cooking space and time.

Electric smokers are designed to cook at a far lower temperature, enhancing flavor and giving you a tender cut of meat. Therefore, you must be prepared to allow your meat to smoke until it’s well cooked and give yourself enough space to smoke correctly.

Setting up the food smoker

Cleaning an electric food smoker

For an extended shelf life and proper functionality, electric food smokers should be cleaned after every use.

How to clean it:

  • After you are done smoking, unplug your food smoker and let it cool down.
  • Remove the accessories out of the food smoker. These include the grill racks, chip tray, and water pan.
  • Using a slightly wet towel, brush out the debris and then scrub with a kitchen sponge to remove the smaller particles left during smoking, including fat.
  • Wipe your electric smoker with a clean damp cloth and let it dry.

Why buy an electric smoker?

  • As we mentioned earlier, electric smokers are easy to use and do not require supervision, making them perfect for beginners and even novices.
  • Easy to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • You can use any combination of wood chips.
  • It is not challenging to power on.
  • They are environmentally friendly.

To Summarize

It’s clear that using an electric food smoker is not that difficult. But it’s important to note that there are different brands of electric smokers, and in some instances, the information may vary a bit.

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